About Us

Fortitude Plumbing

I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Bruce Pigford and I’m the owner/operator of Fortitude Plumbing based out of Edmonton, AB. At Fortitude Plumbing, we are committed to professionalism and safety during the pandemic we currently find ourselves in.  However, as you know, the world has to keep spinning. 

Mike Danforth is my other main plumber who has been in the industry for 17+ years.

Renee Smith is my Office Manager and was introduced to me by my electrician friend, Craig Coley, who’s the owner of Illuminati Electrical & Design Ltd. Renee comes to me with 8 years of office experience and is currently studying to get her accounting diploma.

Fortitude Plumbing has been in business for 10 years. We believe in taking pride in all of our work; we offer excellent, reliable service to clients and contractors alike. Our specialization is in residential and light commercial plumbing, including service work.

If you are looking for work to be done on your home bathroom, kitchen, or hot water tank, we can meet with you and give you an estimate. If you are working on a home renovation, contact us and we can consult with you about best approaches to your project!

We can fix plumbing problems with light commercial enterprises. If your establishment is facing washroom or kitchen problems, call us and we will come to address your problems.